Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Half Brainer Wind Turbine

Half Brainer Wind Turbine

If I managed to build it and it works so you can make it too. This is no joke. I've built this one with only half brain.
I came back from my exhausting night shift at work and wanted to spend some time in something useful and guess what I could come up with. Yes. A working wind turbine.
I really come from night shift feeling that I am only thinking and seeing the world with only half a brain. Let's get started.
This is how I look after coming home from a night shift.

Step 1: Collect Stuff


Here are the components for this project , you can see that nearly all of them are recycled materials :
This was the only new component I bought for this project.
Old steel groom --- This is the main pole for the wind turbine
Old CD-Rom player metal cover --- This is the directing rudder. For wind turbine automatic direction through all wind situations.
PET bottle ---- To cover and protect the motor against dust and water.
Some Wires
1 mm Copper wire
1.5 Pet Bottles

Tools :

Pliers Amazon USAmazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay
Scissors Amazon US , Aliexpress , eBay
Gardening Scissors Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Banggood , Aliexpress , eBay

Step 2: First Trial

Actually I intended to build a vertical axis wind turbine using two PET bottles.
First, I cut the two bottles to make fins.
Then I welded the two bottles from their top using heat.
And made holes for generator and for Copper wires.
Then installed the generator and fixed it using Copper wires.
Failure. Just another none rotating vertical axis wind turbine.
The bottles didn't make enough torque to rotate the generator.

Step 3: Second Trial - Success

Using half brain, I've decided to cut the bottles bottoms hoping to make some rotation.
Using trial and error, I've discovered what works and what doesn't.
And then I cut the bottles to shape each one if them into something that looks similar to wind turbines blades to generate enough torque for rotation.
Success. It works and generates electricity.
Also another thing I discovered about this wind turbine is that it is completely safe to you and to your kids.
The blades are very elastic and delicate. Even if it hits something while rotating there is no problem at all.
Thanks for reading my post.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Arduino VGA Output

Arduino is very simple yet useful platform for learning and prototyping Embedded Systems projects.

I wanted to learn how to generate VGA output signals using Arduino.

I remember trying to build a similar circuit using PIC16F84A here.

So I searched because I make sure to have something that is tried to be working.

Here are some useful links of Arduino VGA interface projects I found on

This project is a nice and straight forward circuit that uses Arduino to make a Tetris Game.

This is the video of the game in action


- Arduino       

- 15 Pin VGA Connector  

- Resistors: 2 x 68 Ohm
                   2 x 470 Ohm 
                   4 x  2 k Ohm

- Four Push Buttons

- Verro Board     

- Speaker

This is the pinout of the VGA connector


Circuit diagram shows how simple it is

Here is how the circuit looks like

Here is a nice enclosure for the circuit

Here is the screen shot of the Monitor with Tetris Game on it


More details can be found in this Arduino forum.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Best Arduino Course on Udemy

Want to Learn Arduino online at a competitive price?

Arduino in an open source hardware/software platform for learning, designing and prototyping embedded systems for both beginners and professionals.

It's the most popular platform worldwide due to its simplicity and large community support.

You really can choose to either learn Arduino yourself as a self study track or you can take the fast and most convenient track and start a course.

Udemy is huge platform for online courses in many fields.

Electronic design is one of this popular fields to study on Udemy. And Arduino is sure a huge fan.

You may want to learn as fast as you can to start building and designing whatever cool projects you have ever dreamed of.

You may have always been dreaming of building your own Arduino controlled Quadcopter, Robot or even Password Protected Door lock.

All these cool projects can easily be made with Arduino .

Now you can take the best Arduino course on Udemy platform for only $10.

Yes, you can get this great course for only $10 with 30 days money back guarantee from Udemy.

Why is it the best Arduino course on Udemy?

The course is instructed by Peter Dalmaris who is one of the best Embedded Systems instructors and makers on Udemy.

The course includes 23 hours of on-demand video and life time access.

The course will start with you right from the beginning of Arduino programming and use of an LED. Then it will run you through many peripherals and Arduino shields.

The interfacing of numerous sensors and actuators. Sensors such as light, Temperature and humidity , Pressure, Tilt and Motion.

And actuators used for control and motion :

Motors, Servos, Stepper Motors, Relays, Displays and LCDs.

Communication with the outer world such as Serial, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth.

You will even learn to make your own Arduino and Prototype or you can make your own Arduino library.

At the end of the course you get a completion. Besides the actual advantage of taking course, many of us need the certification to be the physical proof of course attendance and completion. You also get this one.

You can take a good look of the course before actually buying it by exploring its curriculum and even viewing some lectures. You can also download some sheets.

Sure it's the best Arduino course you can get on Udemy.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Arduino Create - Arduino Web Editor Step-By-Step Guide

I've heard about Arduino Web Editor from a while. All what I heard that it will be coming soon. But I totally forgot the idea.

Today, I was introduced to Arduino Web Editor through Arduino Create Platform.

I saw the idea and was admired with it. So I wanted to share it with my friends.

What is Arduino Create?
Imagine that you can actually access, edit and compile your Arduino code from any device and from anywhere with the ease and accessibility of the cloud.

With something like DropBox and Google Cloud Services, you can get your Arduino project into Arduino IDE from any device, on any platform and from anywhere.

Compatibility, Potability and ease of use.

I started by visiting Arduino Create page and followed the step-by-step guide to using Arduino Web Editor.

Started with downloading Arduino Web Editor Plugin from here. Then installed it.

The instructions tells you to restart your browser to get the plugin running.

I got this screenshot after I installed Arduino Web Editor Plugin and restated my Chrome Browser.

You can see the error indicating that no Arduino board is connected yet.

But as you can see that this cloud service has all functions as a typical Arduino IDE.

You can see all tutorials, examples, libraries and even serial monitor all there.

Here is how it looks like

You can draw components of your sketch

You can see all libraries and examples

Here you can share your projects

Here is my first blink sketch. From the Examples

إذا أعجبتك هذه المدونة يمكنك دعمنا بأحد هذه الطرق المجانية لاستمرار نشر مثل هذه المقالات

اترك تعليقاً لنشر وجهة نظرك بخصوص هذه المقالة

قم بشراء كتابنا على موقع أمازون أو مشاركته مع أصدقاءك من المهتمين بكتب الإلكترونيات

قم بالضغط على الروابط الخاصة بالمواقع الداعمة لنا بدون إضافة أى تكلفة عليك إذا قمت بالشراء من هذه المواقع . وفى الحقيقة معظم الخدمات والمنتجات المعروضة هنا مجانية تماماً مما يعنى أنك لن تقوم بدفع أى مبالغ وفى الوقت نفسه تقوم بدعمنا وتستفيد من هذه الخدمات

هذا الرابط خاص ببرامج كيندل المملوك لموقع أمازون
برنامج كيندل مجانى تماماً ويمكنك من قراءة الآلاف من الكتب الإلكترونية ويعمل على كل الأجهزة . على أجهزة كيندل وعلى الكومبيوتر الشخصى والتالبلت بجميع أنواعه والهواتف الذكية  آيفون وأندرويد. كما أنك يمكنك القراءة على أى من هذه الأجهزة بدون تثبيت أى برامج من خلال القراءة على متصفح الإنترنت من خلال 

Kindle Cloud Reader

كما أن هناك العديد من الكتب الإلكترونية المجانية تماماً كما أن هناك الكتب المتاحة لكى تشتريها من موقع أمازون الشهير

هذه الخدمة مقدمة من موقع أمازون للإشتراك الشهرى مع عرض الإشتراك لأول شهركامل مجاناً مع إمكانية الحصول على العديد من الكتب المدفوعة مجاناً تماماً مع إمكانية إلغاء الإشتراك فى أى وقت بدون دفع أى مبالغ

خدمة أمازون برايم هى أحد الخدمات المميزة التى يقدمها موقع أمازون الشهير و التى تتيح من خلالها العديد من العروض والتخفيضات القيمة والمنتجات المميزة وخدمة الشحن المجانى والشحن فى يوم واحد عند الشراء

أيضاً هذه الخدمة مدفوعة ويمكنك تجربتها مجاناً لمدة شهر بدون دفع أى رسوم أو مبالغ إضافية مع إمكانية الإلغاء فى أى وقت

موقع أوديبل هو أحد مواقع أمازون وهو مختص بالكتب الصوتية المسموعة بكافة أنواعها 

Audio Books

منها الكتب العلمية والروايات والكتب التاريخية والدروس والبودكاست

يمكنك الإستمتاع بهذه الفرصة الدائمة للإشتراك المجانى لمدة شهر فى هذا الموقع مع إمكانية تحميل أى كتابين مجانيين مع إمكانية الإلغاء فى أى وقت خلال هذا الشهر وبدون أى رسوم

إذا كان لديك مولود أو تتوقع مولوداً جديداً يمكنك الإشتراك المجانى فى قائمة المولود من موقع أمازون والتى يمكنك من خلالها الإطلاع على أحدث العروض والمنتجات الخاصة بالمولود مع إمكانية عمل قائمة الأمنيات وجعل هذه القائمة ظاهرة لأصدقائك  مما يمكنهم من معرفة أفضل الهدايا للمولود أو مختفية ولاتظهر إلا لك فقط

يمكنك زيارة موقعنا الجديد

شكراً على زيارة مدونتنا كل يوم فكرة عربية

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