Saturday, December 6, 2008

It all started with the computer

It all started with the computer

I started with the old computer AQUARIUS at the 80 's. It had Microsoft Basic on it. I learned programming in Basic. I then got my Pentium 1 at 90's.

I learned Microsoft DOS and Windows. Then I learned C language.

I got AMD PC at year 2000 and I learned more about PC hardware.

I also knew about Microcontrollers ( Microchip PIC , Atmel , Renesas ) .

I programmed Microcontrollers in Assembly and C.

At 2006 I got Toshiba Satellite Notebook.

This year, I joined the Renesas HTS contest. I submitted my project " Multichannel Oscilloscope" and guess what , I had the forth honored mention.;jsessionid=7AFAE50480BD5DF2D4D3F616A03277EA?decorator=print&displayFullThread=true

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