Friday, February 27, 2009

Lookup table Sine Wave Generation

Sine Wave Generation using PIC 16f84A :

In this lesson, we 'll learn to use the PIC 16F84A to generate a sine wave signal using lookup table method .

These are pre-calculated values of a certain signal ( here will be a sine wave ) , then the signal is transmitted at execution time . You can consider this an inverse process of the digitization . At execution time, the signal is sent to the output port of the Microcontroller at the rate you determine. You then get the original signal.

Attached a text file that explains how I calculated the values.

The hardware circuit is very simple. It is called Resistor Ladder Network.

When you configure and run your program , you should get an output signal like this

You can get the circuit for Proteus ISIS 7 and the code from here.

If you need any help for configuring the simulator , check my older posts.

You can also contact me directly if you need any further help.

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Anonymous said...

hi hugo,

in the lookuptable
u say

we add half this value 128.


how do u get these figures?

add 128 to what numbers?


MicroMonitor said...

Hi . Thank you for commenting. I first multiplied numbers by 128 . Then added 128 to them to prevent having negative values. You can find the updated file in the link.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, hugo.

I understand it now.