Monday, July 13, 2009

New Microcontroller Chip : PIC16f917

Microchip PIC 16F917

I used the Microchip PIC 16F917 in simple programs and tried the good features of it. I ordered some samples from and they sent them to me. I searched online for a simple programmer that I use it to program the chip the same way I do with the PIC 16F84. I found it here . And I uploaded it here in case you couldn't find it .

The programming circuit is very simple and uses the serial port.

Here is the schematic diagram :

After you build this simple circuit, you can use the program to load the HEX file.

This is a snapshot of the software :

The Microchip PIC 16F917 microcontroller is a very nice and modern chip. You can find its datasheet here :

You can see the circuit I built lately here :

You 'll see more projects using this chip. And I 'll be posting projects for the PIC 16F84.

By the way, The PIC 16F917 is backward compatible with the PIC 16F84. That means if you write a code for PIC 16F84 in assembly or C or even compiled it to HEX file , you can still use it with the PIC 16F917 without a change in code or a recompilation.

Happy programming. Have a nice time.

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