Saturday, April 17, 2010

Information Disaster Recovery .

Data Recovery In Egypt

This post is not about Embedded Systems. It is about a problem that many people face it. Many people save their valuable data on their PCs and then something happens. A virus infects the MBR( Master Boot Record ) of the hard disk and all the partitions and data on that PC is not accessible. Or somebody saves his data on partitions other than the system partition but tries to setup Windows on the system partition and makes a mistake and installs Windows on the data partition. When he finds this out, He tries to get his important and valuable data but he can't.

I've seen the two examples happening to many people. When your PC contains some games or songs or some sources for some common programs , then your loss wouldn't be great.

But what if these data were collected and produced over a long period of time ?

And what if these data were precious photos and memories that you cannot get from any where and you didn't make backup for them ?

And what if you have saved your Master or PHD data on this PC without making backup ?

Fortunately, you can recover the data form your hard or flash disk even if they were formatted by mistake or their MBR is corrupted due to a Virus infection or a wrong operating system installation procedure.

Many programs can help you to get you lost data.

I myself have done this many times. Both recovering data form a hard disk which the user has installed Windows on the data partition by mistake and recovered data form a Hard Disk with a totally corrupted MBR .

If you faced this problem some day and don't know where to start from, just give me a call. I am sure I can help.

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