Sunday, March 11, 2018

What is Arduino?

Arduino is the easiest and most supported open system for creating electronic smart devices for both professionals and amateurs.

Arduino is modular

Arduino is modular and you can build your system from scratch by integrating blocks of software (libraries) and hardware (shields).

Arduino is open

Arduino is an open system so you may build your own software by writing code for all hardware you use or start by copying ready built libraries written by others and available for free.

Hardware is also open so all Arduino shields’ schematics and designs are available and you can buy them as hardware circuits or build your own if you are comfortable with electronic circuits assembling process.

Arduino is a tool for creativity

You can make your own everything. You can make a functioning cell phone, smart home systems, electric bike controllers or even laboratory equipment.

Using Arduino makes creativity easy for you by freeing your time from electronic system design while you focus on other parts of the system.

Your imagination is your only limit.

Arduino was first built as a platform for making embedded systems design easy based on Atmel microcontrollers.

Then it evolved to make then software platform compatible with many other microcontroller and microprocessor families.

Ease and publicity of Arduino has encouraged many companies to make Arduino platform compatibles kits based on their chips. For example, Microchip ChipKit.

Arduino clones platforms have been created to comply with software written for original Arduino systems. For example, Pinguino.

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