Saturday, January 31, 2009

Input to the PIC 16f84

Now that we learned how to get output form the PIC ( flashing LED ) , we 'll learn to input the

Microcontroller by a push button . This will give you an idea to get order from the user to do an

action ( open door, turn-off lights, ......... ) .

; Button.ASM;******************************************************

list p=16f84

include ""
org 0x00goto start

org 0x20


bcf INTCON,7

movlw 0x00

bsf STATUS,5

movwf TRISA

bcf STATUS,5

movlw 0xFF

bsf STATUS,5

movwf TRISB

bcf STATUS,5

againbtfss PORTB,0

call LED_ON

call LED_OFF

goto again


movlw 0xFF

movwf PORTA

goto again


movlw 0x00

movwf PORTA

goto again


The program makes the LED is ON when the Button is pressed , LED off when Button is released.

The only new command here is BTFSS which checks if the button is pressed or released.

What it makes is Bit Test F Skip if Set where F is a bit in register. This command is a

bit-oriented command. It means it deals with one bit of the register.

Build the following circuit in Proteus 7 ISIS :

Follow the steps you learned before to add the source code to the circuit and configure it , then

start simulation. Of course in this time you 'll add the Button.ASM source code.

Now , we 'll write the same program in C





unsigned char i;

TRISA = 0 ; // Make PORTB output

TRISB = 0xFF ; // Make PORTB input

PORTA = 0 ; // Initialize PORTB

for(;;) // This is the infinite loop that keeps the PIC running


if ( PORTB == 0 )

PORTA = 1;


PORTA = 0 ;




Note that the logic is inverted because the button by default inputs one to the PIC and when pressed inputs zero.

Again , you can configure the project for the C source code from this lesson.

You can download the project files and source code from here.


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