Saturday, December 9, 2017

Arduino speech recognition

This day I'm using the speech recognition module with Arduino UNO.

My wife has brought me this Arduino Module as my birthday gift. I'll show you how it can be used.

It can be connected to Arduino or to any other Microcontroller through serial port.

It can also be connected to the standard PC through its serial port but through a TTL converter. Since a standard PC serial port sends and receives RS232 signals (+12v and -12 v) but this module handles TTL signals ( 0 and +5 v )

You can control this module through HEX Format commands or through Arduino libraries associated with it.

First, I had to configure it using USB port in my laptop through this FOCA circuit which converts USB signals to TTL signals.

Then I could use Arduino libraries to initialize the module and load it with speech commands.

The module can store up to 80 voice commands. Then it can differentiate between each one and send signals to Arduino upon command recognition.

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