Friday, December 1, 2017

PIC 16F84A Capacitive touch Sensor using minimum hardware

I've previously thought of making a capacitive touch sensor that works as touch switch using the PIC 16F84A Microcontroller.

I had a lamp that works using capacitive touch as a switch and it gave me the idea.

When I worked with the microcontroller and there was some error or bad connection in hardware circuit I noticed that the microcontroller showed irregular behavior during touching it when reading zeros and ones inputs to the GPIOs.

Here's how I got the idea of using the microcontroller as a touch sensor.

I've tried to make the circuit and code it myself but I had unreliable results. I thought that the idea was wrong and would never work.

When I searched for it online I found a video showing how it worked so good. I wanted to share it with you.

I found it on this blog:

I'll try it and will make some modification to it.
I'll also add a photo of my own circuit.

Here is the basic C code that does the job

int freqcapsense(){
    unsigned int avg;
    unsigned int current=0; 
    unsigned int thresh=29;

    unsigned int trials=10;


    if((current-avg)>thresh){return 1;}
    else{return 0;}

    //return current;

Here is a video from the maker

The idea is very simple and straight forward.

The code can be applied to any microcontroller with this C language code.

Thank you for reading.

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