Friday, April 13, 2018

Arduino Artificial Horizon Simulator - DIY aircraft flight instrument clone

In this project, we’ll see how to use Arduino with a very popular motion sensor MPU6050.
The developer has made a simple simulation for the main flight instrument in the cockpit which is the primary flight display PFD. 

On this display you can see the basic aircraft attitude (Pitch and Roll) maneuvers.

This instrument is called Artificial Horizon because it simulates the looks of horizon in front of the pilot inside the cockpit.

This project is based on the MPU6050 Inertial Measurement Unit IMU.

This sensor is the best documented motion sensor Arduino shield and you can find many projects with detailed descriptions on how it’s working.

The MPU6050 is a 6 Degree of Freedom sensor as it features a 3axis accelerometer plus a 3axis gyroscope.


Arduino Uno
MPU6050  IMU Inertial Measurement Unit


Connect 5V [IMU MPU-6050] to VCC [ARDUINO] 
Connect SDA [IMU MPU-6050] to Analog IN (A4) [ARDUINO] 
Connect SCL [IMU MPU-6050] to Analog IN (A5) [ARDUINO] 
Connect GND [IMU MPU-6050] to GND [ARDUINO]
Connect INTPIN [IMU MPU-6050] to Pin 2 (Digital PWM pin) [ARDUINO]



Arduino Code

Processing Code


The final display is produced inside Processing IDE. You can either install Processing IDE to then run Processing code for display inside it or you can run the display code online using sketchpad.

I've made a similar project as an entry for a  design contest organized by Renesas.

My version of the project based on Renesas YRDKRX62N development board.

It used a 3axis accelerometer as a motion sensor and a graphic LCD for display.

You can find it on my instructables page.

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