Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Arduino TTS - How to generate voice with Arduino

I love Arduino and I am really doing my best to look for new Arduino projects.

I’ve been always profound of audio and speech projects.

In this post I’m going to test how to generate voice with Arduino.

You can use Arduino to generate any audio signals then you can also use it to generate voice signals.

I’ve found some libraries that can convert text into speech without any extra hardware.

All projects work in the same way. They use the Arduino TTS library and then connect the Arduino board with and amplifier circuit based on LM386 IC.

Picture of Making the Amplifier Circuit and Connecting It to Arduino

Audio signals are generated using Arduino PWM output.

As you know, Arduino output is so small(5 volts and low current ) so it needs an amplifier circuit to drive a loud speaker.
So you can test this yourself.

There are many TTS libraries for Arduino and sure they differ in qualiy and ease of use.

Talkie library

and another library


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