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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LED Chaser : Larson Scanner 16F84A . Knight Rider KiTT Car

I love LEDs !!!

In this lesson we’ll not learn any new technique from the technical point of view. But this is a cool project. I love LEDs. That‘s true. I cannot deny that. In this project I designed a nice and a simple thing. It is called a chaser. It consists of a row of LEDs. Only one LED is ON during a certain time and all the others are OFF. Then the next one is ON. And so on until reaching the last LED in the row. Then the LED before the last on is ON until reaching the start of the row. The light continues going back and forth. For those who saw the series ‘Night Rider ‘, it reminds you of the front logo of the car Kitt. It is based n the PIC16F84A

As usual, I give you the code and the design files of this project to see the simulation running on the Proteus ISIS 7 here. And for those who like it, the project can easily be built within minutes.

Here is the actual circuit

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