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Thursday, January 28, 2021

How to Embed Tinkercad Interactive Simulation inside your Website or Article


What you’ll read in this post:


- For whom this post is dedicated.

- Tinkercad as Arduino Simulation platform – What is Tinkercad

- Why you want to embed Tinkercad simulation inside your website or Arduino article.

- Step by Step guide to embedding Tinkercad inside your website or post.

- Benefits of having your own website over free articles, blogging or social platforms.

- Quick guide to starting your own website in easy steps.


For whom this post is dedicated.

This post is directed to Arduino content creators and publishers. But that doesn’t mean that you must own a website to create or write an article.

You may want to share your Arduino progress or an idea with the world.

So, you can do that with a DIY Do-It-Yourself community like,, or

You can also share what you make on blogging platform like blogger or free WordPress. Or you can just post it on a Facebook page.

But it’s always way more beyond recommended that you have your own website from the beginning on which you can post and share your own Arduino creations and projects.

In this way you can start to build your own audience and connect with them. That’s how you can build your own community and like-minded group of people.


Tinkercad as Arduino Simulation platform – What is Tinkercad?

Autodesk Tinkercad is community designing platform. You can both design your own 3D shapes and models and you can also explore many other projects and models from people all around the world.

Tinkercad also is used to design and simulate electronic circuits. You can also design your own circuits or you can see all projects from people who share their projects.

When mentioning electronic circuits, we now all know the power of computing and embedded systems and of course Arduino as a simple and easy platform.

In Tinkercad, you can design, write code and simulate Arduino projects and also share your project and let others copy, simulate and edit your projects as you can also do with all projects on the platform.

You can find great illustrations of Arduino and other electronic components with easy connections. You can find some software libraries for Arduino.

You can edit and compile software and you can simulate the circuit before you build the real one.

Why you want to embed Tinkercad simulation inside your website or Arduino article

When you make a project and you want to show your audience in your website you need some points.

First, you need to give them the circuit schematics in order they can duplicate it. And then you need to give them the code that runs the circuit in neat and downloadable view.

That can be enough for any ordinary website to give their audience all the data need to duplicate the project.

But the third thing Tinkercad can give your audience is the ability to play, edit and simulate the circuit on your website before they even build them or simulate them on Tinkercad or any other simulator themselves.

They can actually see, feel and test the circuit on your website without going anywhere.

Imagine what they can do and then love your website or article for doing so.


Step by Step guide to embedding Tinkercad inside your website or post.

So here is how we can put a live interactive Tinkercad Arduino simulation inside our web page.

First, we start by going to the website.

Login to access all circuit simulations.

Go to circuits.

Browse all circuits and choose which one you want to include.

This circuit might be one of your circuits and also may be one of someone else’s circuits.

As you might already know that Tinkercad is a collaborative website where people put their own circuits and share them with others so they can access them and copy both hardware components and software code.

Click on the circuit you choose and then click embed.

You get a snippet of HTML code inside a text box.

Copy that code.

The next step depends on which type of website you are using.

You may be using free blogging platforms, something like or something more advanced like WordPress website.

Anyway, you need to get to access where you can edit the HTML code of your webpage, and then paste the snippet of code you’ve just copied from Tinkercad.

That’s it. You can now return to the normal editing page of your website and then it might take some seconds for the embedded interactive model to appear inside your webpage.

To make sure that everything is setup well, go to preview your page and see the results.

If everything goes OK, you can see the Tinkercad circuit inside your page and you can change components and connections. You can also open the code and edit it. And you can also click Simulate and see the circuit in action.





Benefits of having your own website over free articles, blogging or social platforms.

Here some other thing that you might consider as a content creator.

You can write and share Arduino projects on website like or

That’s completely good and helps you get noticed in the maker world. But you also need to have your own website where you can put all your work in one place where people get in touch with you.

Some people may consider free blogging platforms like or have only social platform accounts and that’s fine.

But as you all know, large companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter change their policy so frequently.

For example, the social platform Google Plus has been shut down although many people have used it and posted many posts on it.

Also may restrict you for limited number of templates.

Facebook pages might not be seen even having thousands of users who already LIKED it because of a slight change in Facebook policy.

You now can see that in all those cases, you don’t have the full freedom of your website when you put all your work on a free platform or social website.

In short, all your like and fans belong to the large company that owns the platform and listen to that company while reading your own content.

Then you need to do something about that. You need to have your own website and have your own audience.

You might think that owning your own website is something hard or expensive, but that’s not the case.

You can really setup your own website with your domain name in five minutes. And then you can add all your articles and creations inside it. And you can have that for an affordable amount of money too.





Quick guide to starting your own website in easy steps.

Go to BlueHost and signup for a website with domain name. You can signup and then choose your domain name later where you can do keyword and name research.

Some additional features you might be interested in like spam filtering and hiding your information of your website from being public.


Many successful websites use BlueHost for hosting. Also, BlueHost comes with the most used platform on the internet WordPress already installed. You don’t need to install or setup WordPress. All you have to do is just adding your content and articles inside it.