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Friday, February 5, 2010

PSoC Rocks !!

Cypress PSoC 3 First Touch Starter Kit

I just received the PSoC 3 first touch starter kit. I new about it from the Cypress news letter I receive regularly. This is a free educational kit. It contains many sensors and shipped with sample codes for programs implementing all these sensors.

The contains thermal sensor , proximity sensor , capacitive touch panel , wireless communications module and my favorite sensor 3D accelerometer .

The first application I found as I opened the kit was PSoC Rocks . This is a manually scanned AirText display that is the same as the I made using Microchip PIC 16F84. But this one is a more advanced application that uses the accelerometer in the direction at which the circuit is waved . It uses the POV ( Persistence Of Vision ) .

When the acceleration threshold is reached, the scanned display is started. And it determines the direction of waving so that it doesn't draw the display in the opposite direction. Actually this is the same advancement I thought for my previous application.

I shoot this one myself as I started using the kit

For people who don't know about Cypress and PSoC :

PSoC ( Programmable System on Chip ) is an advanced microcontroller architecture from PSoC which includes some digital and analog modules for simplifying designing Embedded Systems with digital and analog peripherals. Examples of digital modules ( counters , timers , RS-232 , UART , USB .. ) and analog modules ( Programmable Gain Amplifiers , filters ... )

This is the actual kit I received

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