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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Job Opening @ 1Sheeld

Application Engineer Required to work at Integreight 

Do you want to join the makers of 1Sheeld ?

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Monday, December 1, 2014

One Day with 1Sheeld

I attended an open day organized by Alex Hakerspace at Pluto and I was first introduced face-to-face with 1Sheeld.

With 1Sheeld Team

1Sheeld is am Egyptian product design and distributed by Integreight.
It simply replaces many Arduino shields with one shield and a smart phone running Android OS.

1Sheeld comes in 3 components :

1Sheeld circuit ( 1Sheeld Arduino Shield )

1Sheeld Android App.

1Sheeld Ardiuno Library

1Sheeld Circuit

The project is an open source Arduino Shield comes with an open source Arduino library and an Android App.

The team started a Kickstarter campaign and got the fund at 2013.

How does it work ?

Download 1Sheeld Andoid App.
Download 1Sheeld Arduino Library.

Install 1Sheeld on the Ardiuno board.

Run 1Sheeld Andoid App. on your smart phone and choose the shield you want.

1Sheeld Andoid App

Import 1Sheeld Arduino Library into Arduino IDE

You 'll find that 1Sheeld Arduino Library was imported into Arduino IDE with all its Examples .

You can get the 1Sheeld from here

 Amazon DE, Amazon FR, eBay , 

Links :

1Sheeld Website:

1Sheeld Andoid App :

1Sheeld Arduino Library :

1Sheeld Kickstarter campaign :

It is a great Egyptian Project . Thank you 1Sheeld team.