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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Arduino VGA Output

Arduino is very simple yet useful platform for learning and prototyping Embedded Systems projects.

I wanted to learn how to generate VGA output signals using Arduino.

I remember trying to build a similar circuit using PIC16F84A here.

So I searched because I make sure to have something that is tried to be working.

Here are some useful links of Arduino VGA interface projects I found on

This project is a nice and straight forward circuit that uses Arduino to make a Tetris Game.

This is the video of the game in action


- Arduino       

- 15 Pin VGA Connector  

- Resistors: 2 x 68 Ohm
                   2 x 470 Ohm 
                   4 x  2 k Ohm

- Four Push Buttons

- Verro Board     

- Speaker

This is the pinout of the VGA connector


Circuit diagram shows how simple it is

Here is how the circuit looks like

Here is a nice enclosure for the circuit

Here is the screen shot of the Monitor with Tetris Game on it


More details can be found in this Arduino forum.